FortiSwitch™ Secure Access Series

FortiSwitch Secure Access switches deliver a Secure, Simple, Scalable Ethernet solution with outstanding security, performance and manageability for threat conscious small to  mid-sized businesses, distributed enterprises and branch offices.


FortiSwitch™ 100 Series

FortiSwitch 108E

Kr. 2.375,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 108E-POE

Kr. 3.562,50/stk.

FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE

Kr. 4.037,50/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E

Kr. 3.800,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E-POE

Kr. 7.600,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E-FPOE

Kr. 9.975,00/stk.

FortiSwitch™ 200 Series

FortiSwitch 224E

Kr. 8.075,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 224E-POE

Kr. 9.500,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 224D-FPOE

Kr. 16.390,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 248D

Kr. 13.656,25/stk.

FortiSwitch 248E-POE

Kr. 19.000,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 248E-FPOE

Kr. 23.750,00/stk.