FortiSwitch™ Secure Access Series

FortiSwitch Secure Access switches deliver outstanding security, performance and manageability for threat conscious small to mid-sized businesses, distributed enterprises and branch offices. Tightly integrated into the FortiGate® Network Security Platform, the FortiSwitch Secure Access switches can be managed directly from the familiar FortiGate interface. This single pane of glass management provides complete visibility and control of all users and devices on the network, regardless of how they connect.


FortiSwitch™ 100-E

FortiSwitch 108E

Kr. 2.375,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 108E-POE

Kr. 3.562,50/stk.

FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE

Kr. 4.037,50/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E

Kr. 3.800,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E-POE

Kr. 7.600,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 124E-FPOE

Kr. 9.975,00/stk.

FortiSwitch™ 200-E

FortiSwitch 224E

Kr. 8.075,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 224E-POE

Kr. 9.500,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 248E-POE

Kr. 19.000,00/stk.

FortiSwitch 248E-FPOE

Kr. 23.750,00/stk.

Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series

Cisco Catalyst® 2960-L Series Switches are fixed-configuration, Gigabit Ethernet switches that provide entry-level enterprise-class Layer 2 switching with basic security, quality of service (QoS), Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), and management for branch offices, conventional workspaces, and out-of-wiring closet applications.


Cisco 2960-L Series (uttan PoE)

Allar eru uttan viftu (passiv køling)

Cisco 2960L-8TS-LL

Kr. 3.571,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-16TS-LL

Kr. 5.503,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-24TS-LL

Kr. 7.821,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-48TS-LL

Kr. 13.616,00/stk.

Cisco 2960-L Series (við PoE)

Allar eru uttan viftu (passiv køling) við undantak av WS-C2960L-48PS-LL, ið hevur viftu.

Cisco 2960L-8PS-LL

Kr. 4.537,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-16PS-LL

Kr. 8.208,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-24PS-LL

Kr. 10.139,00/stk.

Cisco 2960L-48PS-LL

Kr. 18.252,00/stk.