FortiGate™ Next Generation Firewalls

Our award-winning network security appliances provide one platform for end-to-end security across your entire network. FortiGate next gen firewalls are optimized for internal segmentation, perimeter, cloud, data center, distributed, and small business deployments. Simplify your security posture with one security solution across your physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

Datablað (Product Matrix)

FortiGate 40F

Lýsing Kr. u/mvg
FG-40F Tólbúnaður 3.711
24x7 FortiCare 742/ár
Advanced Threat Protection 1.670/ár
Unified Threat Protection 2.412/ár
Enterprise Protection 2.968/ár
360 Protection 3.711/ár
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FortiGate 60F

Lýsing Kr. u/mvg
FG-60F Tólbúnaður 5.210
24x7 FortiCare 1.042/ár
Advanced Threat Protection 2.344/ár
Unified Threat Protection 3.386/ár
Enterprise Protection 4.168/ár
360 Protection 5.210/ár
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FortiGate 80F

Lýsing Kr. u/mvg
FG-80F Tólbúnaður 8.995
24x7 FortiCare 1.799/ár
Advanced Threat Protection 4.048/ár
Unified Threat Protection 5.847/ár
Enterprise Protection 7.196/ár
360 Protection 8.995/ár
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FortiGate 100F

Lýsing Kr. u/mvg
FG-100F Tólbúnaður 20.989
24x7 FortiCare 4.198/ár
Advanced Threat Protection 9.445/ár
Unified Threat Protection 13.643/ár
Enterprise Protection 16.791/ár
360 Protection 20.989/ár
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FortiGate 200F

Lýsing Kr. u/mvg
FG-200F Tólbúnaður 29.234
24x7 FortiCare 5.847/ár
Advanced Threat Protection 13.156/ár
Unified Threat Protection 19.002/ár
Enterprise Protection 23.388/ár
360 Protection 29.234/ár
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